Friday, 4 July 2008

My favourite dessert of the month...Fresh fruit with yogurt!

Desserts are usually seen as the 'sin' part of the meal, its the time when the extra calories can multiply into the hundreds. Dessert doesn't always have to be this way though, there are plenty of desserts out there to try which are really tasty and healthy for us.

I tend to go through favourites and my current favourite dessert is the following:

RECIPE: Fresh fruit served with bio yogurt sprinkled with flaked almonds or white chocolate chips.

To Make:

1. Select a fruit of your choice (I prefer strawberries or raspberries)

2. Add a few tablespoons of fresh bio-yogurt, Sainsbury's have an offer on low fat prune yogurt which is my current favourite!

3. Add the almond flakes or chocolate chips

4. You can even add a few dates for a little treat and extra sweetness.

This is a great healthy way to fight off those sweet cravings! I find the chocolate chips give me satisfaction so I dont feel the need to go and have a choccie binge!

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