Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Choosing your gym...

Having joined a gym for the first time a few months ago here are some tips to help you!
When shopping for health clubs consider the following:


Is it close to your home?
Is it close to your office?
Does it have enough parking?
Can you attend other branches?
The location should provide you with no excuses not to go

Try Before You Buy

Do they offer a day pass trial?
Is there a wait for equipment?
Are there busy times?
Ask the members about the gym you need to know if you will feel comfortable at the gym to go!

Make Sure They Have What You Want

Make a list of what you want to use
Do you want a personal trainer?
Do you need child care?
Do you want to go to classes?
You need to be motivated to keep attending

Member Profile

Find out what the members are like
Make sure you feel comfortable and welcome


Make sure someone is always available
Is there someone to show you a new exercise?
Are the friendly and helpful
You need to know the staff are supportive

Costs and Contracts

Find out the exact membership fee and what it includes
Are there extra costs for additional services?
Can you afford it?
What package suits you?
This should be the most important part in your decision

Some health clubs have a one-time initiation fee and require purchasing a minimum of three months up front.

Depending on your budget, you may want to find a club that allows you to go on a month-to-month basis.

In addition, find out if the health club debits the funds directly out of your account. This can make it easier to pay membership fees but make sure that it's easy to cancel if you decide you don't like the club. Be sure you read the contract before you sign so you're not "locked" into paying even if you move out of town or change health!


Anonymous said...

I always make sure i go with a sexy gym partner, keeps me motivated and on the right track to a top session with the weights!


Anonymous said...

very hot...

Anonymous said...

Some brilliant advice here! I joined a gym 2 years ago on a "buy-one-get-one-free" 2 years fixed price for me and my wife.

We both joined.

It ran out in April 2008.

I went twice :(

Couldn't get motivated to go, didn't visit the staff, didn't ask questions, didn't go to the classes. My fault. Cost me a fortune!

My wife loved it and the classes!

Rachel Ducker said...

Well thanks guys having a sexy gym partner does help yes but you need to have the energy to go it alnoe too!

Always make sure you are fully commited before signing on the dotted line.

As Jon says you can be pulled into something you cant get out of!

Duckey x