Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Duckey gets fit week... Day 5... Monday

On day Five:

Today marks a sad day for me. Its the anniversary of my Grandad Ducker's passing. I can't
believe it happened a year ago. I would like to take this time to tell the world what a wonderful man he was. He was very much loved by all who met him.

My dad wrote a great post ab
out him on his blog Fighting Fit at Fifty, so to read more you can view this here.

Sometimes when you are feeling a bit low it can be hard to stay motivated, especially over the last few days I have had a virus flare up again, when I get stressed out I usually have this aftermath affect where my spleen area will raise, my boobs get bigger and I notice my bras won't fit (I know this might not be a bad thing but it aggravates the hell out of me) and also my stomach puffs out.

But the day still went acc
ording to plan and I have taken some tablets prescribed to help reduce the swelling.
6.30 am - half hour of yoga

7.30am - Breakfast

A bowl of Shredded Wheat with skimmed milk and raspberries

8.30am - 15 minute power walk into work

9.30am - Glass of water

11.00am - 1/4 of a cup of Green Tea

12.45pm - 1/2 cup of green tea

1.30pm - 45 minute walk around town

2.30pm - Dinner

An apple and carrot

5.00pm - 15 minute walk

7.00pm - one hour at the gym
  • 15 minutes on the cross trainer
  • 10 minutes on the wave machine
  • 5 minutes on the arm bike
  • 10 minutes on arm and leg weights
  • 10 minutes of pull ups
  • 10 minutes of sit ups
7.30pm - Dinner

Fresh chicken stir fry with peppers, mushrooms and brown rice

8.30pm - Dessert

Mango and Raspberries with a spoonful of low fat yogurt

9.30pm - Green tea

I still managed to have a successful day. I think I am beginning to feel much better but its hard to track my progress with my swollen torso!

Hopefully if I can manage to relax this will calm down and that is my biggest problem - not being able to switch off. So I am still learning lots and I can't wait to record and reflect all of this at the end of my Get Fit Week.

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