Monday, 28 July 2008

Beat the credit crunch with an M&S meal for two at just £10!

You may have seen the divinely presented advert; you know the one with the music and the mouth watering food that’s right Marks and Spencer’s!

We saw this meal deal advertised and thought wow, that’s great let’s try it. The good thing is as well as a few naughty treats like the chocolate soufflé they also have some healthier options which I opted for of course within my Get fit week!

So I guess you could even call this Get fit on a budget.

We opted for:

  • Chicken with pesto
  • Caesar vegetables (but I took the butter out of mine)
  • Summer Fruit Pudding
And you do also get a bottle of wine (healthy in the way of relaxing your mind!) You can find more information about our dinner in my Get Fit Week day three post.

We added some vegetable corn pasta and peas to fill the plate.

If your single and your having it for one person i'm sure it would last over two days.

It really was a tasty meal usually I don’t like pre-prepared meals but it wasn’t unhealthy and it was quite fresh. It only took 25 minutes to cook as well so it had an added perk in that respect.

I believe the offer has ended now but I recommend you definitely try it if they have another one soon!

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