Friday, 30 May 2008

Kuk Sool European Championships 2008!

The last week in May in our household is always known as Kuk Sa Nim week. It is the week that the Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh comes over to England for the first time in the year on his tour for the European Championships. This year the event is being held in Kings Lynn and I am so happy to be going. Having moved to Brighton four months ago now I haven’t been able to train on a regular basis as there are no Kuk Sool schools in this area.

I really really miss my training however as I am a little out of practise my role this year is to do my usual job of organising the music for the exhibition which takes place in the evening “the finale” lets call it, plus I am MC-ing! Oh gosh Duckey on the mic I hear you cry! It is a challenge I have to speak lots of Korean to thousands of people (including Koreans) to people from all over Europe!

To me Kuk Sool is not just a hobby it has been a big foundation of my life and I truly believe I would not be where I am today without it! I am looking forward to seeing all my friends and fellow Kuk Sool members again and hopefully I will have more to report after the weekend.

If you would like more information about it then please get in touch!

Duckey x


Anonymous said...

It was so great seein you there you were great presenting!!!xxx

Anonymous said...

You did a brilliant job Rach!

Rachel Ducker said...

Thanks Jon

It was a little daunting but great fun!

I wish the microphone worked properly!

Duckey x