Sunday, 8 June 2008

Stay safe at the gym

The gym can improve your healthy but can also be a place where accidents can occur so here are my top tips in staying safe at the gym...
In the gym…

Make sure you warm up before aerobic or cardio activity

This means any repetitive exercise that increases you heart rate! (This doesn’t include watching the fittie next to you!)

Stretch before and after aerobic activity this will also help to prevent injuries or pulling a muscle

Do not exercise too intensly, this could be harmful to you
A longer, more moderate workout is more effective than a short, intense one

Drink plenty water during your workout… Drinking waterr will help reduce your chances of becoming dehydrated as this reduces performance.


Do not jerk weights. .. Jerking weights can cause your muscles to jerk which puts them at risk for injury – in other words do not try and show off!

Do not lift too much weight

Lift weights that are comfortable to you and gradually increase

Wipe down machines before and after use this prevents germs!

Cool down after you have finished your main workout program do something lighter after to stretch out

Do not leave equipment lying around the weight room someone could trip over misplaced gym equipment

After the gym…

Wash your hands before going home

Wash your hands with warm soapy water to help kill germs that you may have picked up from some of the machines

Do not take large sums of money to the gym and leave in your car or locker

Restock your food levels sometimes after exercise you can have a sugar drop!

I hope these are helpful if you have anymore let me know.

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