Sunday, 8 June 2008

Mini Healthy Pizza Snacks…

If you love pizza but hate the calories then great news I have found a solution! In reducing the quantity of bread and adding healthy toppings I have solved this problem!

I went to the local supermarket and bought some low fat mini nan breads. This is going to be the base for my pizza, by coating with some tomato puree, and a mixture of low fat mozzarella, roasted vegetables and tuna.

You will need…

1 packet mini nan bread (reduced fat)
1 jar tomato puree
1 packet of frozen Mediterranean vegetables
1 can tuna
1 low fat ball of Mozzarella

To make…

1. Heat the mini nan’s in the oven with a sprinkle of water to coat for 2-3 minutes until slightly risen

2. Add a small amount of tomato puree on each nan

3. Grate some low fat mozzarella over the top but east on the cheese as this is just a coating

4. Then in a pan cook some frozen Mediterranean vegetables (I used Tesco)

5. Once cooked add these as a topping along with some flaked tuna and season with pepper

6. Bake in the oven until tuna a browned and cheese melted

7. Then serve with a portion of salad and my Duckey sweet potato wedges

This made a really satisfying meal! It tasted just like Pizza but you knew it was the healthy alternative which made it even better!

These are great if you want a treat, are having your friends round or simple if you want to have a Pizza without the added guilt.

Try my Light Quickie Cheesecake to finish off the meal.


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Anonymous said...

Duckey you are so creative it's fantastic! Loving your work