Tuesday, 13 May 2008

You and your skin… Duckeys skin tips!

Is your skin fit to be seen by the world?

You would be surprised that with a few simple additions to your daily routine, it could solve many of your summer skin issues.

I try and keep my routine as much as possible having one major cleanse session usually on a Sunday when I have more time. There are certain products available that will in fact help you along the way.

For dry skin…
  • If you want silky smooth skin for summer then it is essential that you moisturise more than one a day, perhaps when you wake up and before you go to bed.
  • Use a really good moisturiser if your going to do this then why not do it properly?
  • Avoid harsh products containing elements such as alcohol this strips the skin of its natural oils wo you would be better to use a mild cleanser instead.
  • You may be effected by sensitive skin? If this is the case then swap your regular products for a label that contains hypoallergenic products.
  • Perfumed products can sometimes cause irritation so replace them with perfume free products to see if this relieves it.
  • To form a barrier protection for your skin try using a PH balanced soap free cleaner then a hypoallergenic moisturiser.

    For Oily skin…
  • Try using oil free products on the skin they wont block your pores.
  • If you suffer from spots or acne look out for products containing benzoyl peroxide which help unblock the pores. Ask your chemist for more information.
  • Many people find tee tree oil also helps the skin.
  • When exfoliating do this with care as your skin is delicate this should only be done once a week at most it can actually damage the skin by removing its protective layer.

    I hope these tips have been helpful to you… if you have anymore tips to share please leave them below.

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