Monday, 16 June 2008

Cod and Calamari Delight...

Now this fish dish is a treat in itself, its healthy low fat and truly satisfying!

Served with a sweet potato and light salad you will have a scrumy balanced meal. 

RECIPE: Roasted cod fillet served with Calamari and mushroom salad topped with a creme fresh and mustard sauce. 

You will need: 

2 cod fillets
Fresh salad leaves
2 sweet potatoes
50g mushrooms cooked 
1 pack of Tesco healthy living Calamari rings 
Fresh Parsley 
Chili flakes 
Low fat, Creme fresh 

To make: 

1. Heat the oven to 180 degrees

2. Cook Cod for 15 - 20 minutes

3. Prepare salad and top with cooked mushrooms

4. Microwave 2 sweet potatoes for ten minutes 

5. Cook the Calamari for 12 minutes

6. Mix together some creme fresh and mustard to make a light sauce 

7. Serve the sweet potato on the salad and add the cod on top of the potato

8. Top with the sauce and add the calamari to the outside of the dish

9. Sprinkle with some chili flakes

10. Add some cooked mushrooms.

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