Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Prawn and Avocado Salad with spiced noodles...

For a quick light summer meal I have found the perfect solution, you usually see a lot of offers on King Prawns throughout the Summer months so this also makes a cheap recipe.

I also know that avocado compliments prawns immensly so I made an avocardo salad with spice noodles to compliment the prawns.

RECIPE: Dressed King Prawns on a bed of spiced asian noodles on top of an avocardo mixed salad.

You will need:
1 pack of King Prawns
2 servings of noodles
1 avocado
1 bag of mixed salad
1 teaspoon of Mayonnaise and Mustard

To Make:

1. In a sauce pan bring some water to boil and insert the noodles

2. Arrange in a bowl the salad and avocado

3. Once cooked add the noodles and top with chili

4. Mix the prawns with a spoonful of Mayo and Mustard for extra flavour.

5. Top these on the noodle mixture.

This made a really light elegant meal, it was really enjoyale and flavoursome! Perfect for a late summer evening.


Pomai said...

I love your presentation. And yes, the combination of shrimp or prawns with avocado is absolutely fantastic. This is another dish I'd like to make SOON!

I'd probably use a Japanese noodle like Udon or Soba.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by and it looks like YOU'D be a great guest chef.

I don't do pics but if you ever wanna join in let me know!


Anonymous said...

Love this receipe and just bought some king prawns! Yum! Can't wait to try this one out.

Thanks x

Rachel Ducker said...

Thanks I think king prawns are not only so healthy and nutritious but also really tasty!

You can get so creative with them!

Duckey x