Sunday, 19 October 2008

Why America is Fat!

Well here I am back from my long trip to the states!

I had a wonderful time and along my way I found out one very concerning fact about America! They LOVE fast food!

I must admit being quite a healthy eater I really struggled on my trip to the states, I found it very hard to eat food in the hotel that didnt turn up either processed, with added MSG or food flavourings, or some fattening gunky sauce spread on top.

My diet for the first few days consisted of a side Baked Potato (Jacket Potato to us Brits) and a plain salad.

We went shopping one morning to a mall and the only healthy thing I could find was a baked potato, it was all Cinnabon, Burger King, BBQ chicken you name the fast food they had it and in Extra extra large portions.

There is so much hidden sugar in the foods and becoming wise to this I created my own USA food survival guide.

Survival Guide:

  • Order your food plain
  • For breakfast choose oatmeal and order a side of fruit
  • For lunch opt for Plain Salads if you do not ask for plain you may have a sauce put on it
  • Only eat fresh meat if it doesnt say fresh it may be processed
  • Order small mains and pick healthy sides
  • Skip the dessert unless its fruit
  • You can order fruit on the side in most places
  • Do not orer coke instead re-hydrate with water
  • Always ask for grilled not fried
  • Many Korean establishments cook fresh and dont add flavourings most of the food is natural
  • Go Sushi! It was certainly my favourite lunch whilst there!!

Luckily the last past of the week we stayed with our Korean Grandmaster and his wife. We ate breakfast everyday at Denny's in which I could order my oatmeal (porridge) as I did at the hotel with a side of banana followed by a coffee.

I must admit though it was rather daunting watching the size of the people who came in for breakfast each morning to order their triple round of pancakes, syrup and bacon! They must have been worth three of me!

The worst of the unhealthy food can be found at the Steak houses! Texas is known for its meat but as a small meat eater and more veggie I would say as you can see from the look on my face I dreaded going here!

It really concerned me when I imagined the effect this was having on some peoples health and why in the States the word "healthy" is almost laughed at?

For lunch we had salad or salad wraps and most evenings we ate Korean Food. I have decided to learn how to cook Korean as I enjoyed eating it so much.

My favourite Korean foods are Noodles, Kimchi and Baloogee.

So if you are planning a trip to the states soon, don't be tempted by fast food. Listen to my survival tips and you'll be fine! Please note this post is of no offense to my American friends, I am sure not all of America are unhealthy eaters and are fat however I am reporting my findings from my personal trip!


Anonymous said...

Denny's looks good! I understand that our Grandmaster has breakfast there a lot.

I've never been to the States but when I do go, I'd like to go to Denny's.

Glad you had a good time, are you glad you went?

MizFit said...


Anonymous said...

Duckey I live in the states and I am english. Yes the fast food out here is crazy but your quote of healthy is laughed at is crazy. I live in Miami and it is all about keeping fit and looking hot. People are fitness freaks wit what they eat and how they exercise. The states in different in every state and area so don't judge the whole country just because of some massive global companies with loads of money.

Not everyone eats at MaccyD's just because they are everywhere...