Monday, 24 November 2008

Duckey is BACK!

Hi Guys! Did you miss me???!

Well first i'm so sorry! Its been a while!

Due to personal circumstances I can say my creativity within my cooking has been lacking some what lately. To fill you guys in it didn't work out for me in Brighton.

Whilst there were many things I learnt while I was away and it was hard... the positive thing is that I feel I have finally come out of my three years of confusion and being lost. I have realised that sometimes the things you have in life before you leave them... aren't so bad after all! But if going away made me appreciate them well... I honestly do now!

It's been a difficult year away from home but in that time I have learnt to eat well, cook great tasting and inventive food and learn some Independence!
I would also like to take time to thank all of those who stuck through things with me while I was away and those who have been my rock since I've returned!

As you all know sometimes the last thing on your mind when you are going through hard times is to keep up with your blog... but have no fear Duckey is back... with a few new kitchens to cook from.

Love to you all

Duckey x


Anonymous said...

Hi Duckey, Hope all is well with you now at home. Your blog is really fantastic, hopefully we will see more recipies and news from you soon. Take care x

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