Monday, 9 June 2008

How to enjoy a healthy BBQ….

If I am honest BBQ’s scare me! I am not a big meat eater and I am always aware of the association that BBQ’s are bad for you! However they don’t have to be… below find some top tips and recipes that you can use:


Easy on the portions

It’s easy to over eat at BBQ’s as the food is readily available!

Watch the carbs

Instead of packing your plate with bread an potatoes eat more salad and lean meat

Go fish

Salmon tastes great on the BBQ it’s also a nice change

Use herbs and spices

These are better for you than relishes and sauces that contain lots of fat and calories

Choose lean

If you are having meat always use lean meat

Kebab it up

In having kebabs you can have a lower amount of meat and veg in one

Choose a grilled side dish such as...

*Baked potatoes
*Vegetable cous cous
*Sweet potato
*Vegetable kebabs

Use whole-wheat rolls instead of white bread

This is a much healthier option …

Choose a low fat SUMMER dessert such as…

I tried and tested this at the weekend and I felt so healthy afterwards I don’t think a BBQ like this will scare me again!

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